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In a sector frequently targeted by cybercriminals, are you taking the right steps to protect your organization? Our support extends from the installation of new servers, systems and networks to the maintenance and improvement of existing IT systems

Higher Education IT Solutions – THE ICT WEB provides tailored IT solutions and services to help educational institutions adapt to the changing landscape. A reliable and secure IT infrastructure is critical for schools, colleges, and research facilities to function, from lesson planning and teaching to managing student data, attendance, finance, HR, and communication. We  offer comprehensive IT solutions that evaluate opportunities, obstacles, and stakeholder expectations to meet the distinct logistical requirements of each institution. This is through dedicated IT planning and consultancy services to ensure a scalable and secure IT infrastructure that leverages the necessary software and hardware for these tasks.

Higher Education IT Solutions

By helping organizations in the education sector to identify and address security exposures and proactively detect and respond to threats, ICTWEB’s cyber security services support compliance with the GDPR, DPA 2018, PCI DSS and other data security standards.

  • Improve student learning and engagement, and help schools and colleges manage record-keeping and documentation functions.
  • Create a responsive and secure learning environment so that students and staff can rest assured that they are safe from breaches and cyberattacks
  • Keep an educational institution’s network protected from data theft, financial loss and disruptions

Get the best Higher Education IT Solutions to meet your educational goals! Deliver engaging classes without interruption! Create new learning experiences!

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Higher education IT Solutions

“Cyber attackers use cutting edge technologies and methods to exploit university systems that are, in some cases, woefully outdated and outmatched.” We offer a range of cyber security solutions, from threat mitigation to testing, training & much more.

Secure Operations
biometric systems Uganda

Protect student and staff data proactively with built-in security and compliance management. Prepare students—and your own IT teams—with cybersecurity and risk management skills to ensure flawless security and prevent breaches.

IT Training
ICT training

Augment and modernize your technology curriculum and programs with the practical skills students want (and need) as they enter the workforce. Develop expert talent, and learn by doing so your students can enter the workforce with confidence.

Campus Network Security
Campus security system providers

Best education IT services to ensure your campus’s network security is not put at risk for today’s students, educators, and staff while they use their devices. We work with you to maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security.

Need Advice Or Help?

We’re experienced at working with universities, colleges and schools and better placed to understand the security challenges your organization faces and how to address them.

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