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Managed IT Services Providers

Here at THE ICT WEB, we provide a range of fully managed IT services in addition to our fully managed IT support Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, we can help within a specific area of your IT infrastructure on a permanent or ad-hoc basis. We not only offer support through our Managed IT services, but also management, monitoring, and security. Our number one priority is keeping your systems operational. We maximize uptimes and resolve problems swiftly and efficiently while maintaining your operational security, giving you space of mind to handle running your business

As more companies use cloud technologies such as Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure, there’s an increasing need to support these platforms. We offer a broad range of IT Support, managed IT services for companies with ten users and companies with thousands. These services include on-site, remote, desktop, and managed IT Support. We collaborate closely with small and medium-sized companies without the resources for an in-house IT Department.

managed it services in uganda

As an IT Solutions Provider, we provide value-added Managed IT Services to Small, Medium-Sized and Large Businesses all over the globe. When You Partner With us, You’ll reap the advantages that our Managed IT Services bring. These include:

  1. Proactive monitoring and maintenance
  2. Maximize system uptime
  3. Quick and efficient technical issue resolution
  4. Leverage new processes and tools for IT support
  5. Remote and onsite service
  6. Boost your existing resources with skill sets
  7. Propose a breadth of IT-specific expertise to your company

Looking for a managed IT services company in Uganda? We can deliver a cost-effective, scalable and completely customizable solution to help your business grow faster and more efficiently with the benefit of a single service provider. We offer Managed IT Services in line with what our customers want. That’s the reason for our existence and success. As an initial step, we analyze, and understand how your business operates and customize services as per the client.

Your organization cannot afford to have extended downtime of mission IT critical systems. You need a team to monitor these systems, remediate issues as soon as they arise.


Customers trust us to give them managed IT services that allows our clients to focus on their core business while we keep the system working. We support them in their day-to-day technology requirements and keep their networks secure. When they lose data, we recover it. When technology stops working, we resolve it. When IT breaks, we fix it. In short, we provide the best IT support available! Successful companies choose us for our expertise, reliability and trustworthiness. We have repaid their choice by providing great Managed IT services such as:

IT Monitoring

IT Monitoring

We monitor your systems and security 24/7 using high tech IT operations management software. We proactively remediate or alert you in time.
Service desk

Service desk

Our 24/7 support is about maximizing service efficiency, resolving problems and driving continuous service improvement for your business.
IT Modernization

IT Modernization

We identify and deploy adaptive technology and innovation to counter complex mission challenges and improve IT operations in your business enterprise.
IT Support

IT Support

Our IT support service includes proactive monitoring and maintenance, with scheduled on-site maintenance to ensure that your IT is working.
System Admin

System Admin

Support services for servers, networks, operating systems, databases, application software, cloud infrastructure and DevOps for any organization.
Application Support

Application Support

We supports Software as well as on-premise deployments, ensuring applications are always optimized for the best possible user experience.

THE ICT WEB is a leading cybersecurity and software development company in Uganda. We offer a wide range of cyber security services in Uganda, including risk assessments, vulnerability testing, cyber security training and incident response. Our team of cybersecurity professionals in Uganda has the experience and expertise to help protect your organization from cyber threats.

Managed IT Services is much more than providing essential onsite and remote support. IT-Serve combines essential IT support services with in-depth understanding of our Clients requirements, short and long term. For any Inquiries or to contact us,  Call +256 781 353987 Or Send An Email To [email protected]

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