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THE ICT WEB is a dynamic IT solutions Provider & Cybersecurity Consulting, Custom Software Development Company based out of St Paul, Minnesota (USA). We specialize in devising and developing tailored cybersecurity, web & custom software development IT solutions for clients ranging from start-ups, SMEs to large corporations across many industries.


We give our best effort and have high-performance expectations. We are organized, proactive and work with a sense of urgency.


We seek to build trust and mutual respect by acting with integrity and doing the right thing no matter how difficult.
IT Solutions Provider

THE ICT WEB is a customer centric IT Solutions Provider and we take customer relationships very seriously. This is part of our success story and what you will be getting when you make us your technology partner. We have a team of seasoned and well-trained IT professionals and experts who are knowledgeable, and work with integrity to ensure all your technology needs are met and exceeded.

As IT Solutions Providers, we simplify and automate the storage, management, networking, security, analysis and processing of your company data, making it the best choice to drive organizational performance and elevate your bottom line.

Delivering Cyber Intelligent Business Solutions


A modernized infrastructure allows IT staff to spend less time on day-to-day activities and more time delivering business value. Every organization needs to be a digital organization powered by data, running in a multi-cloud environment, and able to harness artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, edge computing and more. As IT solutions Providers, look to us for IT infrastructure and workload solutions—that can be delivered on-demand, as a service—to help your organization transform and thrive.

As Total IT Solutions Providers, through our technology partners, We can help you build stunning websites & mobile apps, develop custom software, cybersecurity services & connected IoT solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

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Our Mission

Discovering and exploiting the technology to make our clients’ operations efficient, lean, and effective.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading IT SOLUTIONS Providers that deliver cutting edge solutions by leveraging on technology

Some FAQ's

Web Development Questions

Typically, this depends on the volume of information you already have and the number of pages we will be adding. Nevertheless, it typically takes an average of around 2 weeks from the moment we get content until the website is live.. This typically accounts for the time it will take to make changes and start the launch process after we have been given the all-clear to launch. As little as 5 days may pass before you receive the first preview.


After the website design process is over, we will upload all the website files to your web hosting account, giving you entire control over the website’s functionality. On top of the website, we may develop a little video at your request that shows how to edit the website and update things like photographs and other content.

As total IT solutions providers, before we can start the development process, you will need to submit a down payment equal to 40% of the website’s worth. You will need to settle the balance before the website is released once we have built it and made all the necessary revisions in accordance with your requests.

After receiving payment, as total IT solutions providers, we will get to work developing your website‘s layout and arranging your content. To ensure that you receive the website you had in mind, we will get in touch with you if we have any queries. A high quality mock-up of the website will be created for your consideration before developing it once there is thorough knowledge of the type of website you are seeking. Building the website begins after receiving your permission, and once it is finished and ready for launch, you shall be notified.

We need the following information from you in order to start the web design process:

  1. Your logo in vector or high-quality PNG format.
  2. Text for every page we’re going to construct – In PDF, DOCX or other
  3. Pictures you want us to utilize on your website – In a zip, link or embeded in email
  4. The fonts and colors you want to use on your website.
  5. At least three websites you enjoy, along with your favorites.
  6. The website’s organizational structure – Menu tree
  7. List of required products and their images (Inclusive of descriptions if applicable) – for Ecommerce

With all the news stories in recent years about big organizations and data breaches, we have a general idea of what cyber attacks cost. Money and reputations are lost, which impacts the survival of a business. CEOs have had to step down from their jobs on several occasions. But there are hidden costs to an attack that tend to emerge later when dealing with the incident. For one, mission-critical data and technology might be disrupted during the recovery process, which halts important progress at work. And the longer that your system is remedying its compliancy, the costs of an attack become steeper.
Business Cyber-attacks 80%
Destructive Ransomware 60%
Data Breaches 50%
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