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Marcé Fire Fighting Technology boasts over two decades of experience in providing specialized fire fighting vehicles through supply, delivery, manufacturing, and maintenance services. The company stands out as the lone provider in the global market, offering a comprehensive solution to emergency services that encompasses the design, engineering, and construction of fire station buildings as well as the supply of fire fighting vehicles and equipment in tandem with training services.

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System Development For Macre Fire Fighting Technology. Our Client is a South African company specializing in fire and rescue technologies. They operate two manufacturing plants in South Africa, one located in Centurion which serves as their headquarters and primary plant, and the other situated in Cape Town, RSA. In addition to these facilities, they also have several branches both in South Africa and internationally. Their operations in Africa include fully operational branches such as Marcé Mozambique, Marcé Botswana, Marcé Namibia, Marcé Zimbabwe, Marcé Uganda and Marcé Engineering Mauritius.


Marce Fire Fighting Technologies required an asset management solution that would keep a record of their entire inventory and a full history of each asset, including the date of purchase, the last known scanned location and where the asset had been deployed throughout its lifecycle. It was also important to them that their new supplier had a way of scheduling and recording asset maintenance and repair procedures.

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Macre Fire Fighting Technologies used to rely on manual methods, using pen and paper to document and track the necessary equipment for each vehicle. This information would then be transferred to their computer system in an attempt to keep track of all the equipment. However, this was a time-consuming, multi-step process that raised concerns about the possibility of human error. Such errors could result in injuries to firefighters or civilians and could even threaten the successful execution of a mission.


Following extensive research on system development & building  asset tracking systems, THE ICT WEB developed an asset tracking solution that incorporated all the features the client required at a highly affordable price.

“There was hardly any debate. ICT WEB delivered the services we needed within our tight budget. Moreover, the customer service I received when I called for a quote was exceptional,” said the client.

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Our  system development team worked with our clients guiding the software design and development for asset tracking systems based on the needs of our target customers. With our background in enterprise mobile system development and cloud infrastructure, we’ve helped to iteratively develop many solutions of the Internet of Things (IoT), which we later applied in our software, such as the scalable Apache Flink-based processor, field data processing from antennas, and much more.

“During emergencies, our firefighters now have the confidence that the required equipment is available and easily accessible on the truck.”

Since accomplishing the system development, the client has seen significant improvements in their equipment tracking process since implementing the Macre Asset Tracking System. They have been able to reduce the time spent on tracking and loading equipment onto trucks from roughly an hour per run to less than 20 minutes per run, resulting in an impressive 80% time saving. “Since the system’s implementation, we’ve become safer, faster, and more efficient,” said the client.

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