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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies and techniques used to enhance a website's visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The primary goal of SEO is to improve a website's chances of being found by people searching for relevant information, products, or services online. Most search engines use bots or crawlers that roam the various web and index web pages to rate and rank them. These spiders travel through links and sitemaps in order to successfully index all the pages available on the web. However, the pages that have faulty navigation, no external linkages and a bad web design fail to get indexed and hence never appear in the search results generated by these search engines.

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Search engine optimization - SEO in Uganda is an essential part of website development and web marketing. An SEO friendly website will automatically rank higher in search results obtained from popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This, in turn, will have a great influence on the traffic of that website. It is vital to make your website SEO in Uganda friendly in order to enhance your internet visibility, brand image and traffic.


The travel industry is a highly competitive one, complicated by a cluttered field of local, national and international players. In this ever-evolving space, the Internet remains one constant. THE ICT WEB was approached by a travel agency based in Uganda that specialized in safari travel experiences. Their goal was to increase bookings by driving more targeted traffic to their homepage using search engine optimization. To achieve this, we implemented a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy that involved multiple tactics. We started by developing buyer personas and mapping out customer journeys to identify potential customers and refine the messaging strategy.

The Project SEO and on going work involves:

  1. Social Bookmarking Submissions
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Keyword research
  4. Meta tags changes
  5. Content optimization
  6. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tools

With the growing competition, their traffic started to decline. In the span of 11 months, they had lost nearly 40% of their organic traffic. Their attempts at reversing the trend were unfortunately not working. In a last attempt, they redesigned their website and put a lot of effort into their site speed thinking it would “do it”. It didn’t… The client came to us looking to boost their organic traffic and increase rankings for the most important keywords in their business niche. After having mixed experience with trying to work on the website’s SEO on their own, they were hoping to get on a steady upward curve.


THE ICT WEB created ads using Google Ads Search network, created ads using exact match keywords focusing on specifics of company offerings, and created ad extensions and copy that was more compelling. Using different ad formats and sizing in-call ads, RSA, and ETA to drive appearance and CTR.

To further drive a granular targeting search engine optimization approach, we used Google Ads in-market audiences with the addition of detailed targeting through demographics. Our main goal was, by thoroughly exhausting the ad spend we were also able to maximize performance through Google’s AI learning and increase conversions within the budget.

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The second strategy shift utilized Search Engine Optimization  for organic placement and “natural” leads. This strategy involved a website redesign into WordPress from a custom PHP website to help better our efforts. Those efforts in strategy included content optimization, advanced interlinking strategies, keyword mapping to specific landing pages, Header Hierarchy and optimization, site speed improvements, meta/title improvements, alt attributes, and building out a solid Search Engine Optimization foundation to help improve off-page results from incoming links.

After the site redesign, the proper 301’s to preserve equity were implemented. We in tangent began to disavow toxic backlinks after setting up search console. We then used Rank Math to integrate optimized titles/descriptions across the website targeting our high priority keywords specific to the pages. From there we used screaming frog to optimize interlinking throughout the site using exact match anchor text, implemented title tags for interlinking and better UX, created an HTML sitemap. We then introduced and added schema to the website while looking at site speed by implementing WP Rocket and reSmush.it and improved the server the website lived on.

Tafari Safaris has reported that on average enquiries have jumped around 40% since last year, with bookings up 20%.

We started to see some good Search Engine Optimization results once the first technical changes were put in place, but as these were given time to bed in things continued to get better and better. Traffic to pages throughout the site improved as more of Tafari’s content became better linked to and was indexed more efficiently, and we then started to see big jumps for some of the most competitive phrases in the industry, like ‘best safari travel agency’ and ‘trekking mountain gorillas’.

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